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Brazil - FEPASA Railway Rehabilitation Project (anglais)

The FEPASA Railway Rehabilitation Project aims to provide assistance to the Sao Paulo Railway (FEPASA) in the implementation of (i) an action program for the financial rehabilitation and the improved commercial performance of the railway and (ii) an investment component designed to increase transport efficiency in the three main railway corridors leading to Sao Paulo and to the port of Santos. The action program includes measures for an organizational and financial restructuring of FEPASA, the rationalization of railway operations and improved corporate and business planning. It further includes appropriate tariffs and effective marketing and cost-control, upgraded operations and maintenance management systems, and effective personnel management and training. The investment component essentially includes the rehabilitation and improvement of the most critical line sections, yards, telecommunication systems, rolling stock and workshops, and track maintenance and intermodal facilities. Quantifiable project benefits will be realized by FEPASA in the form of cost savings on train and yard operations and on track maintenance which will, to a large extent, be passed over to the railway users.




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