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Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Moldova Water Security and Sanitation Project - P173076 (anglais)


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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Europe et Asie centrale,

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    Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Moldova Water Security and Sanitation Project - P173076

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    rural area; water supply and sanitation service; water supply and sanitation sector; Water Supply and Sanitation Delivery; national water supply; Environmental and Social Impact; community health and safety; drinking water treatment plant; poor quality of water; Occupational health and safety; level of water supply; sustainability of water supply; water and sanitation system; quality of water supply; performance of service provider; Gender-Based Violence; health and safety risk; environmental and social management; development of water supply; Social and Environmental Assessment; efficiency of resource use; drinking water treatment facility; wastewater collection and treatment; national association; civil works; health care facility; health care facilities; Consulting services; rural population; wastewater treatment plant; water supply investment; on-site sanitation facility; pollution of soil; construction and rehabilitation; million people; sanitation and hygiene; high risk activities; drinking water services; sewer collection system; rural water supply; health care centers; improved water supply; capacity for investment; cost of treatment; effective regulatory framework; infrastructure and facilities; water supply service; negative social impacts; dry pit latrine; development cooperation; hygiene behavior change; efficiency and quality; publication of result; human capital accumulation; deep groundwater aquifer; domestic water supply; water supply line; national labor legislation; wastewater treatment system; economic regulatory framework; Drinking Water Standards; lack of sanitation; human resource management; single parent household; single person household; analysis of alternatives; appropriate mitigation measures; absolute poverty line; impacts of drought; infrastructure and services; asset management system; renewable water resource; Rural Health Care; assessment of need; drinking water use; code of conduct; procurement and disbursement; water distribution network; good financial management; water supply system; drinking water source; public sector institution; surface water resource; water service delivery; safe potable water; vulnerability to drought; series of meetings; international good practice; potable water supply; protection of workers; positive spillover effect; mean annual temperature; infection control precautions; high service level; solid waste generation; needs of woman; categories of worker; water supply connection; water and environmental; water supply management; rehabilitation of water; water service operator; public service delivery; national poverty line; enforcement of law; regional water supply; natural resource use; national poverty estimates; Non Revenue water; service delivery improvement; management of operation; terms of contract; water intake facility; provisioning ecosystem services; agricultural land use; piped water supply; national water utility; wash facility; land acquisition; wastewater system; labor influx; water quality; rainfed agriculture; protected area; project intervention; rural village; construction work; emergency response; sewer system; social institution; in school; sewer connection; vulnerable group; living condition; annual precipitation; sexual harassment; stakeholder engagement; positive impact; sustainable management; rural sanitation; inclusive development; Cultural Heritage; protection measure; connection cost; pumping station; sewer network; landlocked country; sludge treatment; Urban Access; capacity assessment; improving performance; groundwater resource; child labor; contract worker; shallow wells; innovative technologies; grievance mechanism; labor management; environmental risk; working condition; groundwater source; investment program; water safety; professional development; urban resident; rural community; public space



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