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Project Information Document (PID) - Virtual Cooperatives of Pastoral Livestock Communities - P174733 (anglais)


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    Document d’information sur le projet

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    Asie de l’Est et Pacifique,

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    Project Information Document (PID) - Virtual Cooperatives of Pastoral Livestock Communities - P174733

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    limited access to capital; agriculture and livestock; access to financial service; disaster risk management; Below the Poverty Line; Environmental and Social Safeguard; livestock sector; digital service; access to finance; financial service provider; quality and quantity; rural herder; mobile phone subscriber; foreign direct investment; pastoral production system; capacity of woman; public extension service; high poverty rate; participation of woman; existing gender gap; access to loan; primarily due; support for woman; delivery of service; international development partner; intangible cultural heritage; food value chain; migration of labor; transportation of good; production and export; number of jobs; service delivery system; million people; consumption of water; global economic crisis; lower interest rate; national poverty line; price and quality; improved service delivery; chain of custody; policy and institution; degradation of pasture; extreme weather event; improved market access; technical assistance provider; pastoral livelihood system; animal disease outbreak; food consumption pattern; animal health service; promoting gender equality; small scale infrastructure; conditions for use; information & communication; socio-economic survey; rural area; agriculture sector; Livestock Production; warning system; supply chain; dietary diversity; Natural Resources; stakeholder engagement; herd size; livestock animal; price premium; land acquisition; banking service; Payments for Services; financial intermediaries; pasture quality; digital technology; Livestock Husbandry; remote area; economic shock; livestock management; vulnerable household; Population Density; rising unemployment; global demand; preventative measure; livestock productivity; participatory approach; wool production; mineral export; export sector; environmental shock; response capability; severe storms; agricultural university; extension center; rural community; professional association; local producer; delivering services; health counseling; business linkage; pastoral community; research system; market information; local partner; knowledge content; animal supply; business process; professional training; video production; women enterprise; multiple actor; women beneficiary; livestock processing; existing knowledge; best practice; access channel; Digital Solutions; research institutions; household asset; digital library; indigenous knowledge; institutional performance; community activity; household decision; livestock herding; gender analysis; agreed price; quality service; production facility; quality improvement; production cost; goat population; government support; animal fiber; international tourism; operational framework; digital innovation; animal overpopulation; breeding service; mobile application; government issue; finance product; economic hardship; herder community; livestock activities; degraded pasture; private actor; market activity; public sphere; young animal; working capital; livestock researchers; nutrition outcome; behavior change; transportation service; quality requirement; prospective buyer; goat meat; employment creation; food safety; electronic device; production practice; Climate Risk; household income; livestock community; time delay; knowledge gap; investment climate; market premium; extreme poverty; market participation; technology adoption; social accountability; third-party certification; livestock producer; e-commerce solutions; fiduciary function; financial intermediation; weather advisory; rural economy; product quality; early warning; payment tool; private service; mobile network; agricultural producer; food system; processing equipment; knowledge network; global impact; responsible sourcing; Social organizations; fair trade; enterprise solution; information exchange; Data Protection; financing platform; nutrition information; digital channel; private company; market linkage; Impact assessments; information dissemination



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