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Burkina Faso - Health Services Reinforcement Project (anglais)


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    Robyn,Paul Jacob

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    Project Information and Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    Burkina Faso,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Burkina Faso - Health Services Reinforcement Project

  • Mots clé

    general management;strategic purchasing;Environmental and Social Safeguard;national health insurance scheme;high population growth rate;Demand for Good Governance;delivery of health services;access to quality services;Human Resources for Health;out of pocket expenditures;global burden of disease;outbreak of dengue fever;fiscal space for health;access to health service;package of health service;Technical and Financial Partners;free care;community health worker;health system performance;quality of care;acute respiratory infection;promotion of health;environmental safeguard;living in poverty;essential health services;prevalence hiv;health information system;Natural Resource Management;analytical and advisory;health financing policies;environmental impact study;cost sharing policies;human capital development;social protection system;public health budget;disparities in access;policy for woman;infectious disease surveillance;improving service delivery;Public Health Emergency;health and nutrition;number of women;youth friendly services;children per woman;total fertility rate;maternal mortality ratio;education and health;health system efficiency;domestic revenue mobilization;gross national income;children with diarrhea;care for women;contraceptive prevalence rate;high disease burden;cost of living;infant feeding practices;basic social service;public health policy;separation of functions;poor child health;Health System Strengthening;deaths among children;lack of accountability;reproductive health service;rapid population growth;redistribution of resource;nutrition service;health districts;live birth;health outcome;epidemic preparedness;rural area;health finance;



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