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Tajikistan - EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA- P168326- Rural Economy Development Project - Procurement Plan (anglais)


  • Auteur

    Ilhomjon Nozimov

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    Plan de passation des marchés

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    Europe et Asie centrale,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Tajikistan - EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA- P168326- Rural Economy Development Project - Procurement Plan

  • Mots clé

    development of tourism; Public Infrastructure; Project Procurement Strategy for Development; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; matching grant; Fragility, Conflict, and Violence; legal and regulatory framework; UNCITRAL Model Law; Climate Adaptation and Mitigation; female-headed household; effectiveness of service delivery; limited access to finance; Social and Environmental Assessment; Fragile and Conflict Situations; cultural heritage site; post qualification; Public Procurement System; business development service; local nongovernmental organization; Revised Plan Date; former soviet union; private sector actors; categories of beneficiaries; volume of procurement; contract good; annual work plans; climate change awareness; number of tourists; matching grant program; detailed engineering design; supply of milk; international good practice; project accounting; labor force survey; general secondary education; million people; Disaster Risk Mitigation; disaster risk management; stable exchange rate; Standard Bidding Documents; public procurement law; landscape architecture; young men; market analysis; rural economy; contract management; market approach; value chain; contract completion; national procurement; contract implementation; risk analysis; national market; management skill; young woman; local market; return migrant; mitigation measure; crisis management; procurement activities; vulnerable group; global trend; credit contract; civil works; contract monitoring; food safety; natural disaster; small farmer; historical site; natural hazard; tour operator; advance preparation; direct contracting; international level; initial contract; offering price; local population; project finance; financial resource; local tourism; tourism activity; entrepreneurial activity; tourism activities; tender committee; environmental risk; program results; restoration work; procurement staff; male relative; procurement opportunity; field visits; target beneficiary; tourism expert; topographic feature; potential bidder; beneficiary country; citizen engagement; participatory approach; Higher Education; architectural firms; learning institution; empirical evidence; governance challenge; construction work; traffic route; illicit drug; open competition; local university; lagging region; cultural asset; private-sector development; informal sector; community information; quality technical; thinking skill; monetary policy; cultural site; tourism specialist; contract execution; contract negotiation; inflationary pressure; youth population; female head; country population; critical infrastructure; Labour migration; coping strategy; consumer inflation; fiduciary responsibility; limited capacity; Social Protection; small Works; positive relationship; islamic state; international tourism; jobs diagnostic; limited prospects; fragile areas; Cultural Tourism; regulatory environment; Financial Sector; contractual dispute; supervisory framework; contract amendment; investment climate; business environment; regulatory burden; agency staff; environmental component; early identification; regular monitoring; perceived risk; Tax Administration; contract packaging; safety lab; tourism infrastructure; secondary legislation; project approval; low inflation; procurement arrangement; vulnerable citizen; quality certification; competitive position; export market; productive employment; industrial process; agricultural product; dairy sector; potential investment; income opportunity; international market; competitive market; high sea; agricultural market; health standards; mountain bikes; tourists needs; strategic location; non-governmental organization; Public Services; sanitary service; individual farmer; travel routes; tourism sites; procurement method; grant money; selection criterion; preferential treatment; ceteris paribus; Procurement Policy; procurement transaction; procurement capacity; potential candidate; technical expertise; product life; new job; green area



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