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Albania - Power Sector Generation and Restructuring Project : restructuring (Vol. 2) : Data sheet (anglais)

The objective of the Power Sector Generation and Restructuring Project for Albania is to achieve significant improvement in power system performance through: (i) priority investments to increase domestic thermal generation, and (ii) measures to implement sector reforms and institutional strengthening. The project is nearing completion with disbursements at 90 percent. The project has achieved substantial progress in facilitating sector reforms, thus paving the way for the privatization of the distribution sector in 2009. The extension will enable completion of the following critical tasks: (a) completion of water intake and outflow pipes installation, including testing. Based on 40 percent progress achieved so far, this process is scheduled to be completed by the end of July; (b) testing and trial running and commissioning of the Vlore power plant immediately after acceptance of offshore works. According to the action plan submitted by the borrower, commissioning is likely to take place in July 2011. The contractor introduced the head of the commissioning team during the last meeting at Vlore on May 30; and (c) contract award to the Operating and Maintenance (O&M) firm which will operate the Vlore power plant, and which has to be on site during the commissioning process. The selection process has been completed and contract award will be completed this month. This will be the second extension of the closing date and the extension will result in a cumulative extension of over two years.




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