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Resettlement Plan Tanzania Roads to Inclusion and Socioeconomic Opportunities (RISE) Program Project (P164920) (anglais)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan,Plan de réinstallation

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  • Titre du rapport

    Resettlement Plan Tanzania Roads to Inclusion and Socioeconomic Opportunities (RISE) Program Project (P164920)

  • Mots clé

    monitoring and evaluation system; resettlement action plan; capacity-building activity; road asset management system; Occupational health and safety; rural district; land acquisition; loss of asset; payment of compensation; standard of living; land acquisition act; displacement of people; value of land; compensation for loss; inventory of asset; acquisition of land; service delivery institution; land use right; Gender-Based Violence; Consulting and Advisory; access to asset; road safety policy; road safety management; application of pesticide; routine road maintenance; climate change resilience; rural transportation infrastructure; rural transport infrastructure; rural road access; loss of property; spot improvement intervention; forms of compensation; deprivation of liberty; transportation of product; management and administration; provision of service; valuation of asset; land use planning; corridor of impact; ownership of asset; grievance redress mechanism; loss of income; loss of land; consultations with stakeholders; rights to land; Disaster Management; compensation in cash; replacement cost; sustainable management; urban roads; compensation measures; grievance mechanism; regional road; vulnerable people; institutional strengthening; community engagement; guiding principles; vulnerable group; field visits; Natural Resources; agricultural sites; resettlement activities; asset inventory; sexual harassment; displaced person; legal right; residential structures; public meeting; job opportunity; job opportunities; institutional framework; routine maintenance; educational level; vulnerable person; resettlement assistance; district road; environmental viewpoint; affected persons; rainy season; credit facilities; land preparation; resettlement plan; involuntary resettlement; legal requirement; residential housing; executive agency; rural population; land allocation; town centre; compensation fund; road section; agricultural potential; valuation exercise; compensation payment; road design; rural area; road upgrade; road map; framework enhancement; water source; Road Accidents; compensation plan; administrative cost; data management; special provision; climate resilience; resettlement planning; international guidelines; finance activity; social inclusion; Land tenure; community consultation; proactive policy; program monitoring; national model; knowledge exchange; low-income woman; continuous consultation; eligibility criterion; communication strategy; credit proceeds; construction activities; program delivery; alternative technology; squatter settlement; affected households; trade activity; affected communities; land development; income restoration; resettlement process; irish potato; property valuation; forest product; dry season; transport cost; market center; prepare budget; community level; strategic location; compensation agreement; policy formulation; land management; agricultural product; harvesting season; agricultural community; several steps; business premise; permanent restrictions; land take; legal assistance; educational background; extreme poverty; mitigation measure; compensation management; fair compensation; resettlement program; living standard; stakeholder participation; restoration plan; livelihood development; personal identification; local legislation; issue date; household income; household size; marital status; business structure; net profit; information dissemination; land area; individual level; community meetings; household interview; participatory methodology; village assembly; motorized vehicles; compensation rate; age category; administrative monitoring; Social Welfare; internal monitoring; external monitoring; walking distance; recent studies; special treatment; asset valuation; rural accessibility; economic welfare; transportation cost; cultural reasons; employment centers; daily existence; productive land; property owner; geographical coverage; local procurement; buffer zone; biodiversity areas



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