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Education for agriculture and rural development : identifying strategies for meeting future needs (anglais)

The report presents the issues discussed at a workshop intended to identify strategies for agricultural education, seek agreement on how to strengthen future agricultural education, create better links with rural education efforts, and, guide donor support in this area. Through case studies, the workshop included past, and current perspectives on agricultural, and rural education, and, based on the agreement that agricultural education systems must change, reached the following conclusions: the relationship between agricultural and rural education needs to be further defined; participants should consider follow-up contributions to the workshop dialogue within their own organizations, and regions; and, the agricultural education community must improve communications on their activities, and lessons learned. While the Bank remains a catalyst for change in this area, other organizations, and representatives must also contribute with efforts on the subject, thus agreement was reached on setting a small group to prioritize research questions, and recommend future actions.




Version officielle du document (peut inclure des signatures etc…)