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Thailand - Secondary Education Quality Improvement Project (anglais)

The overall objective of the Secondary Education Quality Improvement Project will be to assist in raising the quality of secondary education in science and mathematics through strengthening teacher education in these subjects. Specifically, the project aims to: 1) raise the qualifications of teaching staff in selected Rajabhat Institutes (RIs) (teacher colleges) and enhance their understanding of modern teacher education techniques; 2) reinforce quality improvement in the RIs through modernizing science laboratories and workshops with up-to-date equipment, expanding laboratory space and refurbishing workshops; 3) expand the capacity of the RIs to carry out in-service training of secondary teachers; and 4) enhance the RIs capacity to undertake research and provide technical services to the community. The project will comprise the following components: 1) civil works to construct new science laboratories and to refurbish workshops; 2) equipment to modernize laboratories and workshops; 3) equipment-related operations and maintenance expenditures; 4) an institutional development program consisting of fellowships and practical training for teaching staff, and in-service training for secondary teachers; 5) a research and technical services program which will include research grants and consultants to assist in the design of research projects and for new course development; and 6) assistance for project management and for the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation system.




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