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Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Cross-Border Tourism and Competitiveness COVID-19 AF - P175085 (anglais)


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    Project Information and Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    Africa West,

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    Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Cross-Border Tourism and Competitiveness COVID-19 AF - P175085

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    Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise; Safeguard Policies; safeguard policy; monitoring and evaluation system; degradation of critical natural habitats; Environmental and Social Management Plan; Micro and Small Enterprises; Environmental and Social Safeguard; in need of protection; high population growth rate; human development index; health and safety risk; market value of land; tourism; physical cultural resources; loss of income; safety of dam; grievance redress mechanism; flow of information; payment of wage; total tax revenue; use of biodiversity; minister in charge; significant adverse impact; risk of exposure; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; capacity building support; financing instrument; loss of asset; access to asset; emergency grant; mitigation measure; liquidity support; involuntary resettlement; coastal lagoon; safeguard analysis; social distance; customs revenue; external shock; mangrove vegetation; cultural property; border closure; informal sector; value chain; environmental specialist; tourism destinations; safeguard issue; emergency response; crisis affected; Social Protection; behavior change; going concern; informal business; emergency support; sustainable business; oil price; physical characteristic; safety procedure; financial relief; national regulation; public hearing; internal reallocation; short-term liquidity; product quality; institutional strengthening; individual entrepreneur; Public-Private Dialogue; rental payment; productive asset; project operation; migratory waterfowl; mangrove ecosystem; ecotourism development; Performance Standards; natural environment; Indigenous Peoples; irreversible impacts; geographical area; risk profile; water bodies; civil works; positive impact; ecotourism resources; biological wealth; cultural asset; fulltime employment; coastal area; temporary job; pollution prevention; palm oil; biological conservation; migratory bird; project approval; assessment agency; national environmental; environmental challenge; atlantic ocean; environmental safeguard; small cities; primary rainforest; land use; sustainable management; Natural Resources; social change; Waste Management; borrowing cost; commodity price; cotton price; external demand; resettlement plan; global financing; external position; capital flight; financing source; macroeconomic uncertainty; safeguard specialist; environment assessment; monitoring indicator; low consumption; domestic investment; test case; trade decline; local ngo; recent years; cotton production; port activity; port management; Trade Linkages; project costing; institutional responsibilities; response activity; Informal Economy; human capital; reducing import; land border; public place; fiscal impact; emergency need; health emergency; funding gap; supplemental financing; health response; national testing; case management; national risk; community engagement; emergency operation



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