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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Economic Recovery and Transformation Project - P171997 (anglais)


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    Manes,Eric David

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    Document d’information sur le projet

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  • Titre du rapport

    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Economic Recovery and Transformation Project - P171997

  • Mots clé

    small and medium enterprise; Gross National Income Per Capita; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; Cost of Doing Business; private sector service providers; community health and safety; monitoring and evaluation mechanism; access to financial service; living in poverty; Public and Private Institution; project design and implementation; low participation of women; access to finance; categories of beneficiaries; foreign direct investment; soft skills training; business development service; number of jobs; case management system; voice and agency; global supply chain; framework for insolvency; access to information; labor force participation; private sector provider; business membership organizations; financial sector infrastructure; promoting gender equality; area of infrastructure; implementation of regulation; government to business; utility service providers; headcount poverty rate; global travel restrictions; Public Financial Management; public health crisis; competitive tender process; flow of information; development of communication; sustainable resource management; global biodiversity hotspots; greenhouse gas emission; credit reporting system; public credit registry; investment promotion strategy; household survey data; women headed household; finance and markets; back office system; fragile and conflict; care of sibling; technical skills training; business service provider; Investment Project Financing; implementation of commitments; nonbank financial institution; lack of transparency; private sector participant; local financial institution; decades of war; education and health; foreign exchange inflow; abundant natural resource; human capital outcomes; automation of business; mobile money; firm level; investment climate; Financial Access; recent years; financial system; economic recovery; institutional strengthening; business environment; entrepreneurship support; Climate Smart; market functioning; modern credit; financial intermediation; development partner; support organizations; private investment; payment system; eligibility criterion; banking sector; global pandemic; commercially viable; digital access; financial discipline; matching grant; digital technology; government service; adversely impact; business license; iron ore; land acquisition; private enterprise; institution building; formal sector; Business Registration; Business Regulation; regulatory quality; institutional governance; Business Registry; government effectiveness; construction permit; sustainable technology; commercial agriculture; concession system; women entrepreneurship; ecosystem support; forestry concession; resolution mechanism; administrative constraint; diagnostic study; domestic supplier; rural population; investor incentive; institutional framework; physical infrastructure; local development; investment policy; skill development; seasonal work; mining concession; investment incentive; alternative investment; financial sustainability; institutional autonomy; Labor Market; increased access; creating job; Digital Solutions; business opportunity; equal access; economic history; productive activity; investor perception; market barrier; Macroeconomic Management; infrastructure service; Employment Policies; employment policy; workforce reduction; government support; project reporting; light manufacturing; private-sector development; Advisory services; agribusiness sector; financial instrument; informal sector; value chain; regulatory area; business support; regulatory constraint; market governance; enabling environment; online business; licensing system; automated system; educational outcome; household income; property right; social distance; interactive service; process reengineering; professional skill; several years; secondary legislation; technical architecture; insolvency proceeding; financial model; fee structure; input supply; commercial dispute; change management; legal framework; active engagement; Single Window; trade sector



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