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Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Ethiopia COVID-19 Emergency Response Project Additional Financing P175853 - P175853 (anglais)


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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Africa East,

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    Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Ethiopia COVID-19 Emergency Response Project Additional Financing P175853 - P175853

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; Environmental and Social Management Plan; Occupational health and safety; cold chain; Infection Prevention and Control; Vaccines; emergency response; health and safety risk; high risk of exposure; delivering vaccines; high risk of infection; risk management system; international good practice; risk of exclusion; health care facility; use of security; personal protective equipment; Health Care Waste; Internally Displaced Person; grievance redress mechanism; cold chain equipment; medical waste management; standard operating procedure; access to vaccine; equity in access; categories of worker; use of force; local government institution; health sector workers; social risk management; female health workers; epidemiological surveillance system; quality management system; procurement of vaccine; electronic information system; case fatality rate; community base; health care system; storage of vaccine; protection of workers; people with disability; infection control measures; code of conduct; community at large; proof of delivery; distribution of vaccines; energy efficiency measure; renewable energy source; sustainable energy source; number of workers; infection control precautions; hand washing facility; illness and death; treatment of patient; essential health services; safety of vaccine; population at large; long term care; living in poverty; waste management plan; risk management capacity; risk management activities; Social Risk Rating; health facility; vaccination campaign; health care facilities; vaccination program; homeless people; medical facility; community engagement; stakeholder engagement; population group; civil works; supply chain; social care; mitigation measure; sick people; vaccine distribution; urban migrant; older adult; adverse events; vulnerable population; disproportionate impact; mandatory vaccination; grievance mechanism; target beneficiary; citizen engagement; humanitarian emergency; freezing point; regulatory infrastructure; healthcare worker; chemical waste; high security; religious group; emergency preparedness; immunization service; safety issue; dry ice; physical distance; refugee camp; existing vaccine; security management; informal settlement; urban slum; nomadic population; prevention measures; sexual minorities; military personnel; low-income migrant; asylum seeker; response measure; vulnerable migrant; rational use; vulnerable group; safe handling; vaccine storage; waste collection; community outreach; environmental risk; vaccine availability; medical supply; pharmaceutical supply; mass vaccination; immune system; eligible population; vaccination process; two-way communication; decontamination procedure; best practice; testing laboratory; sample collection; indirect emission; urban neighborhood; dry storage; national logistic; transportation capacity; dust bins; sanitary supply; detention facility; risk perception; operational procedure; epidemiological data; laboratory worker; national survey; diesel generator; shelf life; positive impact; satisfactory manner; cultural sensitivities; medical personnel; community information; rapid assessment; disposal plan; community volunteer; health extension; immunization targets; social media; community awareness; environmental cost; energy emission; public feedback; vaccination component; disposal method; appropriate oversight; natural habitat; cultural site; mortality risk; health status; biosafety guidelines; response activity; monitoring plan; diagnostic testing; regional investment; reducing mortality; general assessment; Social Conflict; regular training; project effectiveness; functional capacity; waste handling; social framework; legal framework; socioeconomic status; outreach activity; contractual agreement; health inequity; Health inequities; initial distribution; security staff; medical professional; political pressure; vaccine delivery; dead body; infected individuals; extreme poverty; social group



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