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Independent Reviews of the Strategic Approach to the Program : Program for Development of the Regions 2021 - 2027 (anglais)

This report documents the ongoing reviews of the strategic approach adopted by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) towards the new operational program for regional development for the new period (2021 - 2027). These reviews were carried out by the World Bank (WB) team in the period June 2019 - November 2020 under component 3 of the reimbursable advisory services (RAS) agreement entitled technical assistance and reviews. The process of MRDPW formulating the strategic approach and its operational modalities is a dynamic one and is influenced by on-going political and technical discussions and the views of a broad range of stakeholders beyond the Ministry itself. The underlying rationale for the technical assistance under RAS component 3 was twofold: to provide MRDPW with a just-in-time, on-request support to adjust guideline documents, the strategic framework and legislative documents related to the planned implementation of the new integrated territorial approach to European Union (EU) - funded investments, and to provide MRDPW with new ideas and insights, proposals, and recommendations with the aim of fine-tuning the operational modalities of the new integrated territorial approach based on the analysis of best practices from Bulgaria and other EU member states and the team’s analytical and advisory experience.




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