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Revised Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Horn of Africa Initiative: Regional Economic Corridor Project (P174485) (anglais)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Évaluation environnementale,Environmental and Social Assessment,Évaluation sociale

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    Revised Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Horn of Africa Initiative: Regional Economic Corridor Project (P174485)

  • Mots clé

    national plan of action for gender equality; United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification; Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; framework convention on climate change; Occupational health and safety; community health and safety; Environmental and Social Impact; Conservation Strategy of Ethiopia; security risk management; general conditions of contract; efficient use of energy; trade facilitation and logistics; convention on biological diversity; Education and Training Policy; vulnerability to climate change; conditions of particular application; conservation of natural resources; national policy on woman; invasive alien species; social and environmental; cumulative impact; use of pesticide; spread of hiv; spread of disease; finance and economic; source of income; annual average temperature; use energy; resettlement action plan; analysis of alternatives; source income; construction and operation; water resource policy; harmful traditional practices; gender based violence; vehicles per day; risk management instrument; Sexually transmitted diseases; road authority; personal protective equipment; ground water resource; private limited company; highly erodible soil; vegetation type; acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; Human Immunodeficiency Virus; impact of water; security management; data collection process; ground water pollution; education sector development; resilience of communities; land use pattern; Type of Investment; pollution prevention; local government official; costs of mitigation; ambient air quality; quality of education; improved water supply; environmental protection measures; severity of impact; alternative route; mitigation measure; grazing land; project impact; underserved communities; construction phase; stakeholder engagement; historic site; settlement pattern; Resource Efficiency; road sector; public consultation; environmental consideration; community access; access road; rolling terrain; land take; social environment; legal framework; land acquisition



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