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Revised Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) Philippines COVID-19 Emergency Response Project (P173877) (anglais)


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    Borrowing Agency

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  • Type de document

    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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  • Région

    Asie de l’Est et Pacifique,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Revised Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) Philippines COVID-19 Emergency Response Project (P173877)

  • Mots clé

    Vaccines; Center for Health Development; water supply and sanitation service; stakeholder engagement; health facility; person with disability; national strategic policy; senior citizen; public health laboratory; vulnerable group; national reference laboratory; data collection system; frequently asked question; channels of communication; technical assistance provider; public health worker; municipal waste collection; support cost; health care service; health care facilities; health care facility; people with disability; Health Workers; waste management facilities; nurses and midwives; shortness of breath; energy and power; personal protective equipment; availability of vaccine; primary care personnel; nature of health; Health System Strengthening; health and nutrition; long-term care facilities; service delivery system; essential health care; private sector partner; government financial institution; logistics service provider; rural health units; polymerase chain reaction; chronic health problems; dangerous drug; alternative health care; national aids; emerging infectious disease; radio and television; intensive care units; means of communication; reduction of morbidity; cold storage facility; point of entry; awareness raising activity; focus group meeting; series of meetings; public information disclosure; land use plan; million people; national government agency; living in poverty; ethnic minority groups; public health research; national health system; coronary heart disease; Indigenous Peoples; stakeholder identification; medical supply; government units; community engagement; vulnerable individual; laboratory equipment; medical center; risk communication; community consultation; physical distance; Health Promotion; social media; provincial hospital; town hall; laboratory capacity; cold chain; social mobilization; supply chain; government worker; quarantine facility; community representative; infected people; food industry; social worker; eligible population; online channels; population group; essential services; dedicated phone; online platform; vaccination campaign; loan proceeds; counterpart funding; isolation rooms; civil society; civil works; vaccine supply; information dissemination; Natural Resources; healthcare waste; vaccination program; temporary shelter; healthcare provider; medical treatment; mass media; stakeholder need; community mobilization; health condition; involuntary resettlement; land acquisition; cultural sensitivities; campaign strategy; test kit; geographic area; vocational educational; national system; feedback mechanism; consultation process



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