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Egypt - Ain Sokhna Power Project (anglais)

Ratings of Ain Sokhna Power Project for Egypt were as follows: outcome was satisfactory, Bank performance was moderately satisfactory, and monitoring and evaluation quality was modest. Some of the lessons learned include:(i) the need for procurement staff trained in World Bank procedures; (ii) the need for dedicated project Implementation units or teams; (iii) project preparation or implementation should continue to the extent possible during periods of political turmoil; (iv) spare parts are less expensive and easier to get during the project than after; and (v) greatly expanding the scope of the project when it is largely completed creates procedural problems.


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    Bilan de fin d’exécution et de résultats

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    Égypte, République arabe d’

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    Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord,

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    Egypt - Ain Sokhna Power Project

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    Electricity; Urban and Rural Development; long run marginal cost; combined cycle power plant; natural gas as fuel; targeted social safety net; Economic Rate of Retum; private investment in power; price petroleum product; Operational Core Curriculum; private sector job creation; Debt Service Coverage Ratio; generation capacity; Electricity Tariff Structure; debt service ratio; theory of change; cost of diesel; level of capacity; distribution and transmission; generation transmission; ad hoc policy; natural gas transmission; market for power; rate of growth; heavy fuel oil; increase in capacity; natural gas cost; gross national product; cost generation; human capital development; long run cost; natural gas supply; electricity generation capacity; shortage of demand; energy demand growth; reallocation of fund; loss of life; natural gas use; natural gas shortage; cost of construction; amount of electricity; consumption per capita; electricity distribution company; large power plant; electricity price increase; global downward trend; energy conversion efficiency; private sector engagement; power generation capacity; average tariff revenue; energy generation capacity; light fuel oil; amount of water; national transmission system; resettlement action plan; primarily due; cost of electricity; gas turbine technology; outcome indicator; transmission line; financial sustainability; political turmoil; intermediate indicator; egyptian pound; transmission investment; transmission facility; load shedding; commercial operation; energy pricing; construction cost; increased supply; generating capacity; economic efficiency; Exchange Rates; mitigation measure; energy price; kilowatt hour; energy subsidies; peak demand; power station; generation plant; political instability; plant equipment; adversely impact; cash subsidy; capacity utilization; heavy rain; transmission grid; procurement delay; generation component; dollar term; electricity subsidies; future flood; financial health; private property; financial statement; monitoring progress; political situation; supply side; Efficiency Enhancing; flood diversion; drainage system; high tariff; consumer welfare; primary reason; business benefit; demand function; electricity outages; kv line; parent company; rating methodology; private company; power equipment; capacity shortage; generation expansion; base case; discount rate; electricity consumer; electricity grid; expected value; investment finance; wind capacity; intermediate outcome; electric supply; unexpected cost; unintended outcomes; diesel generation; electricity cost; Health Service; thermal plant; Social Welfare; expansion plan; market price; electricity service; health facility; diesel generator; generation business; commercial activity; Wind Power; energy conservation; commercial framework; risk allocation; grant funds; financial pressure; high pressure; kv substation; capital requirement; renewable generation; private investor; rising demand; electricity sector; promoting equity; transmission company; Public Services; hydropower plant; original amount; non-governmental organization



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