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Russia - Confronting the dual epidemics of tuberculosis and AIDS : Rusia - Lucha contra la doble epidemia de tuberculosis y SIDA (espagnol)

This Results Profile focuses on confronting the dual epidemics of Tuberculosis (TB) and AIDS in Russia. Poverty, poor nutrition, low levels of immunity, and underfunding of health services contributed to Russia having one of the highest rates of TB in the world. The country also had a growing HIV and AIDS epidemic. The Russia TB and AIDS control project provided assistance to improve access to quality services, including development of guidelines for prevention and treatment of patients. Since 2003, improved efforts by the Russian government at the federal and regional levels supported by the World Bank project, contributed to a trend of stabilization and decreasing annual TB notifications. New guidelines for HIV and AIDS prevention, diagnosis and treatment were developed. The project implemented a comprehensive nationwide strategy to strengthen health care organization and service delivery for the diagnosis, care and treatment of TB, HIV and AIDS among civilians.


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    Fédération de Russie,

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    Europe et Asie centrale,

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    Rusia - Lucha contra la doble epidemia de tuberculosis y SIDA

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    aid control;access to quality services;treatment of patient;diagnosis and treatment;agency for international development;treatment regimen;cohort analysis;reporting system;surveillance system;drug for treatment;health care organization;sputum smear microscopy;general population;international partners;aids program;regional budget;educational program;prevention activities;early detection;laboratory capacity;aids epidemic;tb control;Health Service;baltic sea;international agency;case detection;prevalence rate;management capacity;health systems;support policy;vulnerable group;



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