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Gender in Turkey : a snapshot of key issues and indicators (anglais)

Despite some progress on gender related issues over the last decade when compared to the regional Europe and Central Asia (ECA) average, gender disparities remain very pronounced in Turkey, particularly in endowments (education), access to economic opportunities (labor market) and women’s voice in society. Some key specific gender issues in Turkey are: net secondary enrollment rates are low, with a gender gap of 6 percentage points in favor of boys, gender imbalances in the labor market are manifested in low female labor participation rate along with a large gender gap in labor participation, and the low share of women in parliament and in top positions in firms shows that there is room to strengthen women’s voice in society. In addition to the gender gaps in endowments and access to economic opportunities revealed by the selected indicators, inequalities may also exist at a disaggregated level (for example, by ethnicity or rural/urban sector). Furthermore, this snapshot does not discuss inequalities in voice in depth, an area in which women lag in across the board in the region as well as globally (as indicated, for example, by their low participation in the political arena). Lastly, this snapshot presents only selected indicators, and is by no means comprehensive.




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