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Operational considerations for designing and mobilizing community-based groups for improving food security and nutrition (anglais)

Note d'orientation 127691 JUN 25, 2018

Bashyal,Chhitij; Bhattarai,Manav; Al-Omair,Abeyah A.

Institutional structure and non-government partnership for nutrition programs (anglais)

Note d'orientation 127688 JUN 25, 2018

Bhattarai,Manav; Al-Omair,Abeyah A.; Bashyal,Chhitij

Study of operational strategies to reduce malnutrition in Nepal (anglais)

Document de travail 120064 SEP 01, 2017

Bhattarai,Manav; Bashyal,Chhitij; Al-Omair,Abeyah A.

Qualitative study of "Sunaula Hazar Din" community action for nutrition project Nepal (anglais)

Document de travail 119935 JUN 01, 2017

Oshima,Kaori; Biradavolu,Monica Rao; Bashyal,Chhitij; Bhattarai,Manav