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Exploring the diversity of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) : the gender profile of NEETs in Georgia and Armenia (anglais)

Rapport 137444 APR 01, 2019

Fuchs Tarlovsky,Alan; Cancho,Cesar A.; Buitrago Hernandez,Sandra Paola; Millan,Natalia; Lundvall,Jonna Maria

Why should we care about care? Supply and Demand Assessment of Care Services in Georgia : A Mixed Methods Study (anglais)

Document de travail 133961 JAN 23, 2019

Buitrago Hernandez,Sandra Paola; Munoz Boudet,Ana Maria

Gender Differences in Poverty in Colombia (anglais)

Rapport 137871 AUG 01, 2018

Muller,Miriam; Buitrago Hernandez,Sandra Paola; Pico Mejia,Julieth Carolina; Olivieri,Sergio Daniel

Romania - gender assessment (anglais)

Document de travail 126843 JUN 01, 2018

Alidadi,Farima; Buitrago Hernandez,Sandra Paola; Nozaki,Natsuko Kiso; Muller,Miriam

Gender differences in poverty and household composition through the life-cycle : a global perspective (anglais)

Document de travail (série numérotée) 125677 MAR 01, 2018

Munoz Boudet,Ana Maria; Buitrago Hernandez,Sandra Paola; Leroy De La Briere,Benedicte; Newhouse,David Locke; Rubiano Matulevich,Eliana Carolina; Scott,Katherine M.; Suarez Becerra,Pablo

Albania - Promoting women's access to economic opportunities (basque,albanais)

124530 JAN 01, 2017

Buitrago Hernandez,Sandra Paola; Davalos,Maria Eugenia; Munoz Boudet,Ana Maria; Rodriguez Chamussy,Lourdes