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Kenya Public Expenditure Analysis 2019 : Creating Fiscal Space to Deliver the Big Four while Undertaking a Needed Fiscal Consolidation (anglais)

Rapport 139348 JUN 01, 2019

Pradelli,Juan; Thegeya,Aaron Miruri; Angelique,Umutesi; Giron Gordillo,Alex; Nderitu,Patrick; Wankuru,Peter Chacha; Dennis,Allen Curtis K.; Melamud,Ariel; Sanya,Sarah Oludamilola

Kenya Economic Update : Unbundling the Slack in Private Sector Investment – Transforming Agriculture Sector Productivity and Linkages to Poverty Reduction (anglais)

Document de travail (série numérotée) 135870 APR 01, 2019

Wankuru,Peter Chacha; Dennis,Allen Curtis K.; Angelique,Umutesi; Chege,Patrick Nderitu; Mutie,Celina Katunda; Sanya,Sarah Oludamilola; Chengula,Ladisy Komba; Njagi, Tim; Pape,Utz Johann; Haynes,Alastair Peter Francis

In Search of Fiscal Space : Government Spending and Taxation - Who Benefits? (anglais)

130556 OCT 01, 2018

Dennis,Allen Curtis K.; Wankuru,Peter Chacha; Awiti,Christine Achieng; Mutie,Celina Katunda; Sanya,Sarah Oludamilola; Angelique,Umutesi; Pape,Utz Johann; Lange,Simon

Kenya economic update : policy options to advance the Big 4 - unleashing Kenya’s private sector to drive inclusive growth and accelerate poverty reduction (anglais)

Document de travail (série numérotée) 125056 APR 01, 2018

Awiti,Christine Achieng; Dennis,Allen Curtis K.; Mutie,Celina Katunda; Sanya,Sarah Oludamilola; Angelique,Umutesi; Wankuru,Peter Chacha; Pape,Utz Johann; Mistiaen,Johan A.; Tolchinsky,Marina; Chengula,Ladisy Komba; Safavian,Mehnaz S.; Ramana,Gandham N.V.; Khatimba,Anne; Muthembwa,Keziah Muthoni; Rosauer,Vera Atieno Oloo; Waiharo,Robert