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Regional strategy for renewable energy project identification phase one : North Africa, Central Europe, and the Former Soviet Union (anglais)

Document de travail 48201 SEP 01, 1997

Adamantiades,Achilles G.; Eitel,Birgit

Power sector reform in developing countries and the role of the World Bank : paper presented at the 16th Congress of the World Energy Council, Tokyo, October 8-13, 1995 (anglais)

Document de travail départemental 17615 SEP 30, 1996

Adamantiades, Achilles G.; Besant-Jones, John E.; Hoskote, Mangesh

Health and safety aspects of nuclear power plants (anglais)

Document de travail départemental 10064 AUG 31, 1991

Gaunt, J.; Numark, N.J.; Adamantiades, A.G.

Radioactive waste management - a background study (anglais)

Document de travail départemental 11342 JUN 30, 1991

Adamantiades, Achilles G.; Traiforos, Spyros; Industry and Energy Department

The status of nuclear power technology : an update (anglais)

Document de travail départemental 9214 APR 30, 1990

Traiforos, Spyros; Adamantiades, Achilles; Moore, Edwin

Decommissioning of nuclear power facilities (anglais)

Document de travail départemental 9336 APR 30, 1990

Gaunt, John; Numark, Neil J.; Adamantiades, Achilles G.; Energy Services Co., Inc.; ERC Environmental