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Unleashing the potential of renewable energy in India (anglais)

India has 150 GW of renewable energy potential, about half in the form of small hydropower, biomass, and wind and half in solar, cogeneration, and waste-to-energy. ... Voir la suite

Publication 62706 JAN 01, 2011

Bhatia, Mikul; Sargsyan, Gevorg; Soni, Ruchi; Raghunathan, Krishnan; Banerjee, Sudeshna Ghosh

Energy efficiency in Russia : untapped reserves (anglais)

This report was designed to provide senior Russian policymakers with a comprehensive and practical analysis of energy efficiency in Russia: potential, benefits, and recommendations on how to fully tap into this resource. ... Voir la suite

Document de travail 46936 DEC 01, 2008

Sargsyan, Gevorg; Gorbatenko, Yana;

Armenia travels the bumpy road to all-day electricity supply : how perseverance pays off in power sector reform (anglais)

Armenias power sector has suffered many setbacks: in the late 1980s an earthquake that took its major nuclear plant off-line, and in the early 1990s the collapse of the Soviet Union, economic blockade, and repeated sabotage of a new gas pipeline-all of which severely disrupted fuel supply. ... Voir la suite

Fiche 37538,Armenia APR 01, 2006

Sargsyan, Gevorg; Balabanyan, Ani; Hankinson, Denzel

From crisis to stability in the Armenian power sector: lessons learned from Armenias energy reform experience (anglais)

In the wake of the Soviet Unions collapse, Armenia, like other former Soviet republics, began to struggle with the implications of its newfound independence. ... Voir la suite

Publication 35408 JAN 01, 2006

Sargsyan, Gevorg; Balabanyan, Ani; Hankinson, Denzel

Trade and transport facilitation in the South Caucasus - Georgia Policy Note (anglais)

This note, as part of the Transport Facilitation sector work in the South Caucasus (TTFSC) sector work, reviews the situation in 2002, with particular respect to trade, transport and potential transit flows. ... Voir la suite

Document de travail 34889,Trade NOV 01, 2003

Sargsyan, Gevorg; Humphreys, Martin; Zarnowiecki, Michel; Ollivier, Gerald; Vashakmadze, Sergo; Deane, Judith