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Making monitoring and evaluation systems work : a capacity development toolkit (anglais)

There are constant and growing pressures on governments and organizations around the world to be more responsive to demands from internal and external stakeholders for good governance, accountability and transparency, greater development effectiveness and delivery of tangible results. ... Voir la suite

Publication 53303 MAR 01, 2010

Gorgens, Marelize; Zall Kusek, Jody

Southern Africa HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis plan of action, 2010-2011 for Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, and Swaziland (anglais)

This paper for senior World Bank (Bank) management and staff describes the current status and impact of the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and tuberculosis (TB) epidemic in southern Africa, the strategic role the Bank has played to date, and puts forward an action plan for deeper Bank engagement with the middle-income countries (MICs) in this subregion, especially in light of the new political commitment by the government of South Africa. ... Voir la suite

Document de travail 64343 MAR 01, 2010

Marinova, Eugenia; Hoy, Rachel; Dutta, Sheila; Gorgens, Marelize; Zini, Michele; Ngwenya, Phindile Abigail; Haacker, Markus; Spicer, Joel; Beyer, Joy de; Shelton, Carolyn; Seifman, Richard

Zambia - HIV prevention response and modes of transmission analysis (anglais)

Structures of the synthesis report are as follows: chapter one provides the background and context for the synthesis. It describes the purpose, objectives and key questions of the synthesis, the synthesis concept and use of the findings. ... Voir la suite

Autre étude en matière de santé 64359 JUN 01, 2009

Dzekedzeke, Kumbutso; Michelo, Charles; Rosemary Sunkutu, Musonda; Potter, Dara; Banda, Richard; Mulenga, Osward; Gboun, Michael; Gorgens, Marelize; Rodriguez-Garcia, Rosalia; Sattin, Eric; Witola, Harold; Fraser-Hurt, Nicole; Buyu, Celestine

Malawi - developing a national multisector HIV/AIDS monitoring and evaluation system (anglais)

The Malawi National AIDS Commission faced the challenge of creating an integrated, multi-sectoral national Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system rather than a health-sector-oriented epidemiological surveillance system. ... Voir la suite

Fiche 37218 OCT 01, 2005

Gorgens, Marelize; Nkwazi, Cosby; Govindaraj, Ramesh; Chipeta, John