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Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Equity with Quality and Learning at Secondary Additional Financing - P176751 (anglais)


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    Project Information and Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    Africa East,

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    Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Equity with Quality and Learning at Secondary Additional Financing - P176751

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    Environmental and Social Impact; Environmental and Social Safeguard; access to secondary education; infant and child mortality; public secondary school; access to basic service; project monitoring and evaluation; delivery of education service; health and safety risk; quality of science; safeguard policy; Safeguard Policies; personal protective equipment; Child Labour; child labor; civil works; social distance; early marriage; global economic prospect; project information documents; rehabilitation of facility; spread of hiv; school going child; Learning and Innovation Credit; delivery of service; loss in revenue; basic water supply; number of girls; social and environmental; expansion of capacity; secondary school dropout; physical cultural resources; secondary education access; establishment and maintenance; provision of textbook; instruction in mathematics; safety of dam; annual school census; girls in school; loss of income; drop out rate; piped water; average class size; number of candidates; in hazardous work; international labour organization; population growth rate; improving service delivery; million people; financing instrument; democratic political system; vulnerable child; school closure; mathematics instruction; teenage pregnancy; boarding school; Teachers; Child Marriage; Cash Transfer; mitigation measure; school environment; consultation process; safeguard issue; equitable access; health security; learning material; enabling girl; remote area; irreversible impacts; school fee; examination result; family responsibility; student learning; financial barrier; inspection visit; beneficiary school; gender norm; stakeholder consultation; teen pregnancy; remote district; project datum; pass rate; parliamentary committee; project costing; personal choice; labour market; psychosocial support; massive layoff; Performance Standards; safe return; school child; fiscal position; labour influx; reference source; safeguard analysis; climatic shocks; climate shock; quality instruction; functional toilet; mathematics teacher; education investment; Online Learning; learning time; Disease Prevention; school head; community engagement; day school; instructional leadership; human capacity; learning institution; environmental specialist; landlocked country; learning inequality; institutional context; live birth; infrastructure demand; Education Financing; global education; lead school; safety standard; fiscal policy; Fiscal policies; inspection system; Infant Mortality; Indigenous Peoples; climate variability; natural habitat; project intervention; education directorate; statutory mandates; teenage girl; rural population; academic excellence; high frequency; civil society; implementing partner; Education Development; physical characteristic; sanitation facility; water source; intervention district; dropping out; public primary; monitoring indicator; children of ages; project financing; involuntary resettlement; infrastructure needs



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