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Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Ethiopia Digital Foundations Project (P171034) (anglais)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Ethiopia Digital Foundations Project (P171034)

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    Environment and Social Management Plan; environmental and social management; Environmental and Social Impact; community health and safety; Occupational health and safety; project design and implementation; gender based violence; access to the internet; electric and magnetic field; occupational safety and health; information and communication technology; cultural heritage management; Grievance Redress Service; research and education network; vocational education and training; Water Resource Management; Demographic and Household Survey; annual population growth rate; conservation of cultural heritage; private sector operator; million people; construction and operation; social risk management; risk management staff; person with disability; people with disability; adverse social impact; assessment of capacity; lack of infrastructure; children and youth; lack of awareness; risk of exclusion; stable economic growth; payment of compensation; grievance redress mechanism; council of minister; Bureau of Health; human development index; information communication technology; gross national income; Electric Power; infant mortality rate; data protection law; exclusion of woman; use of technology; waste management plan; bureau education; access to ict; women with disability; risk management instrument; quantitative data collection; education and health; code of conduct; provision of service; access to communication; lack of availability; socially vulnerable populations; public health risk; small-scale land acquisition; senior government official; excavation of trench; infrastructure and services; public sector investment; public service delivery; optical fiber cable; Investment Project Financing; expropriation of land; supply of power; consultations with stakeholders; community conservation areas; hazardous waste management; standard and guideline; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; economic reform agenda; gender mainstreaming strategy; digital business; rural area; mitigation measure; digital economy; underserved communities; digital service; educational institution; digital device; environmental risk; telecom operator; grievance mechanism; digital identification; technical committee; partner institution; drainage system; Job Creation; subproject implementation; city administration; hunting area; construction activities; internet bandwidth; digital skills; broadband internet; internet connection; consultation meeting; access road; digital infrastructure; regulatory environment; vulnerable group; market competition; packaging waste; consultative meeting; data center; broadband connectivity; aquatic habitat; internet connectivity; emergency response; telecommunication infrastructure; social issue; Solid Waste Management; adverse risks; reporting procedure; national policy; social concern; digital transformation; project risk; wildlife sanctuary; Higher Education; environmental condition; digital world; Public Services; communications infrastructure; linear infrastructure; digital access; projects on the ground; consultative process; national environmental; appropriate standards; digital dividend; transaction cost; Broadband Access; social standard; institutional framework; positive outcome; equipment installation; demolition waste; government regulatory; social policies; primary legislation; legal framework; social policy; quantitative approach; mobile service; regional policy; ethnic group; average household; young population; populous country; secondary data; tertiary level; regulatory function; education attainment; infrastructure work; undeveloped land; Communications Network; internal monitoring; construction contractor; contract agreement; physical work; approval process; risk category; low risk; risk assessment; under contract; indirect consequences; procurement contract; downstream activity; project identification; downstream activities; government institution; digital technology; low motivation; inequitable distribution; poor road



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