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Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR) Document - Strengthening the Capacity to Produce and Use Quality Education Statistics - P163049 (anglais)


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    Yanez Pagans,Monica

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    Bilan de fin d’exécution et de résultats

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  • Pays

    République dominicaine,

  • Région

    Amérique latine et Caraïbes,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR) Document - Strengthening the Capacity to Produce and Use Quality Education Statistics - P163049

  • Mots clé

    quality education; information and communication technology; Open Data; data quality; comprehensive early childhood care; capacity-building activity; data system; short period of time; extension of closing date; early childhood development indicator; monitoring and evaluation arrangement; efficient use of resource; quality of information; statistical data; Open Data Initiative; reduction in poverty; informed decision making; school management system; Student Learning Assessment; use of information; education data; quality of data; quality assurance system; public education policy; student learn outcome; improving service delivery; lack of integration; change in policies; quality control system; information systems training; achievement of targets; quality at entry; ministers of education; Objectives and Outcomes; compliance with regulation; registration of teacher; assessment of achievement; consultations with stakeholders; improvement of education; public education system; small grants; results framework; internal regulation; quality datum; project costing; internal procedure; Data Production; quality audit; public resource; school decentralization; several challenges; school level; data requirement; Management Systems; data structure; education statistic; database administrator; new information; school supervisor; quality assessment; data request; social distance; evaluation activity; institutional performance; transactions cost; knowledge exchange; social accountability; student grades; income inequality; information demand; Vocational Education; data warehouse; donor financing; source code; curricular area; system resource; education stakeholder; original amount; government's commitment; south-south exchange; sectoral plan; intersectoral collaboration; ict strategy; student data; project administration; data availability; external stakeholder; data verification; audit work; draft regulation; secondary student; administrative staff; school infrastructure; sustainable management; technological change; own fund; recent change; management indicator; school quality; school district; adequate supervision; several factors; procurement process; technical competency; long-term sustainability; governmental commitment; new technology; technological tool; learning result; data registry; educational system; effective monitoring; educational trend; income poverty; regional assessment; gini coefficient; learning objective; financial audits; intermediate education; political priority; software design; gender aspect; poverty brief; teacher quality; school population; graphic design; commission payment; performance level; analytical tool; government's capacity; school closure; budget allocation; simple average; student population; education authority; transaction cost; Distance Learning; international commitment; capital flow



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