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China - Chongqing New Urbanization Pilot and Demonstration Project : resettlement plan : Resettlement action plan for Nan'an subproject (anglais)

The development objective of the Chongqing New Urbanization Pilot and Demonstration Project for China is to improve use of public space and increase pedestrian mobility in selected districts of Chongqing’s central city. Some of the negative impacts include: (1) displacement or loss of shelter due to demolition of rural residential houses, urban residential houses, non-residential properties on state-owned land, and houses with limited property rights; (2) loss of assets or access to assets; (3) loss of income sources or means of livelihood. Mitigation measures include: (1) land compensation will be paid to the acquired rural collective economic organization, to be fully paid to the affected households (AHs) based on land acquisition (LA) impacts; (2) compensation for losses from production or business suspension will be 6 percent of the appraised value paid at a time in case of cash compensation; (3) cash compensation based on appraised price for the size of the resettlement house is equal to that of the acquired house in principle, and any price difference will be paid for; and (4) in case of property swap, if the lawful size of a demolished house is not more than 100


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    Plan de réinstallation

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    Asie de l’Est et Pacifique,

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    Resettlement action plan for Nan'an subproject

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