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Resettlement Framework Tanzania Roads to Inclusion and Socioeconomic Opportunities (RISE) Program Project (P164920) (anglais)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework

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    Resettlement Framework Tanzania Roads to Inclusion and Socioeconomic Opportunities (RISE) Program Project (P164920)

  • Mots clé

    land acquisition act; Annual Work Plan and Budget; local government authority; capacity-building activity; millennium development goal; Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; road asset management system; environment and social management; legal and regulatory framework; land and housing; due process of law; land tenure act; Personal and Property Rights; rural road access; right of occupancy; compensation for loss; standard of living; rural district; community base; acquisition of land; evaluation of resettlement; value of land; Resettlement Policy Framework; forms of compensation; urban road network; resettlement action plan; project affected persons; community engagement; Human Immunodeficiency Virus; court of appeal; district planning; impact of development; lines of communication; Disaster Management; social and environmental; displacement of people; safety and health; Transport and ICT; routine road maintenance; consultations with stakeholders; land use planning; negative social impacts; court of law; method of compensation; participation in planning; access to information; data collection phase; payment of compensation; rural road network; inventory of asset; road safety policy; Consulting and Advisory; rights to land; Road Sector Policy; loss of land; climate change resilience; service delivery institution; women-headed households; funds disbursement; access to asset; loss of asset; compensation in cash; road safety management; payment in kind; certificate of title; loss of livelihood; international good practice; resettlement assistance; land along river; water catchment areas; sale of land; interests of citizens; local government institution; health impact assessment; restricted access; reserved land; rural area; replacement cost; stakeholder consultation; district authority; institutional strengthening; sustainable management; organizational arrangement; institutional framework; asset inventory; resettlement planning; regional road; employment opportunities; employment opportunity; village council; routine maintenance; road work; other asset; compensation payment; settlement operation; eligibility criterion; human capital; construction work; stakeholder workshop; credit facilities; environmental viewpoint; district road; socio-economic survey; forest reserve; legal right; job opportunity; job opportunities; land preparation; compensation measures; land take; agricultural sites; residential housing; resettlement process; valuing asset; land occupiers; town council; compensation fund; executive agency; government land; village assembly; public consultation; grievance mechanism; customary tenure; low-income woman; consultation procedure; participatory approach; rural community; national legislation; movable asset; remedial work; transaction cost; productive asset; public register; aerial photograph; market valuation; environmental sensitivity; commercial rates; market rate; conservation area; Public Infrastructure; Host Communities; health centre; inadequate fund; managerial skill; financial resource; grazing land; government function; employment centre; sustainable transport; city council; transportation cost; road link; accessibility problem; administrative procedure; land council; rural setting; construction process; unacceptable risks; environmental regulation; conceptual model; commonly known; available data; game reserve; stakeholder participation; field visits; local planning; new technology; budget speech; conservation act; affected households; cash compensation; transportation sector; biodiversity impact; income generation; community impact; ethnic group; religious belief; cultural impact; Political Systems; Ownership Share Type; balanced development; positive impact; human population; human environment; developmental interventions; valuation exercise; administrative structure; regional commissioners; resettlement impacts; policy formulation; approval process; land issue; land allocation; the administration



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