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Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Regional Roads Development Project - P146334 (anglais)

The objectives of the Regional Roads Development Project are to reduce road user costs on the project roads and develop a sustainable investment program for regional road asset management. Project extension will also allow the Bank to deepen support to the GoU’s overall sector reform agenda. The institutional strengthening component can be expanded to support the GoU’s far-reaching program of transport sector reforms aimed at modernizing the sector. Specifically, this includes TA for enhancing MoT’s transport planning capacity and preparing and assessing PPP projects in the road sector. The restructured project will finance the preparation of a National Transport Master Plan (NTMP) for sustainable development of the transport sector for 2020-2040. Project support for this activity complements the Bank’s services and analytics (ASA) for transport policy (Bank Report No: AUS0000970, May 20, 2020) and ongoing civil aviation sector reform work under Reimbursable Advisory Assistance (RAS). The NTMP is expected to include a time-bound priority program for institutional (organizational, policy and regulatory) reform, capacity building and physical investments (from public and private sources) covering all transport modes. Also included is a PPP feasibility (pre-investment) study for upgrading of the Tashkent-Andijan Road (TAR) to expressway standards, including a new road tunnel (19 km long) through the Kamchik Pass. This strategic transport investment will help to fully integrate physically and economically the Ferghana Valley with the rest of the country, while improving the international road connectivity of this double landlocked country. The TAR is a critical link of the transcontinental Asian Highway 7; and its Tashkent end is located at the confluence of four of the six CAREC international trade and transit corridors.


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    Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Regional Roads Development Project - P146334

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