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Disclosable Version of the ISR - Ethiopia General Education Quality Improvement Program for Equity - P163050 - Sequence No : 08 (anglais)


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    Rapport sur l’état d’avancement et les résultats des projets

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    Disclosable Version of the ISR - Ethiopia General Education Quality Improvement Program for Equity - P163050 - Sequence No : 08

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    quality improvement; environmental and social management; intermediate outcome; equitable access; first aid kit; inventory management system; physical cultural resources; hand dug well; Solid Waste Management; school grant; disbursement linked indicators; ground water quality; basic education system; Cash flow forecast; Teacher Professional Development; gross enrolment rate; gross intake ratio; grievance redress mechanism; life skill training; community outreach activities; enrolment of student; gross enrolment ratio; recruitment of staff; external audit findings; waste management plan; survival rate; target school; in school; natural habitat; policy formulation; school closure; drainage system; early marriage; tracking system; fire extinguisher; septic tank; tap water; emergency exit; school level; Quality Enhancement; social reporting; procurement performance; government structure; compensation payment; procurement review; procurement staff; community safety; Performance Standards; safety audit; community impact; awareness raising; safe places; procurement process; sexual harassment; result indicator; text book; instructional activity; infrastructure standard; digital skills; instructional time; school inspection; composite index; average score; cluster school; upper primary; perform school; safety training; risk category; operation risk; vulnerable group; waste burning; program administration; waste source; water point; alternative water; school construction; process use; civil works; online textbook; monitoring mechanism; budget monitoring; communication plan; verification procedures; technical expert; supplementary budget; first year; financial information; government budget; construction management; textbook distribution; procurement system



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